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Support Staff

Sioux Manufacturing Corporation (SMC) is not only a Native American owned company, it also prides itself on the fact that over 75% of the workforce, from management on down, are Native Americans.

SMC is especially proud of the loyalty and dedication of so many of its employees. Throughout the past 30 years, SMC has been awarded numerous awards for quality and excellence from various government and private entities. It is only through the contributions of SMC’s employees that this has been made possible.

As a testament to the dedication of the employees at SMC, of the current workforce, nearly 40% have been with the company for over 10 years and over 20% have been with SMC 20 years or more. Even more telling is the fact that 40% of the production staff has seven or more years of service to the company.

This vast wealth of knowledge and experience gives SMC the flexibility necessary to meet the challenges and expectations associated with being a producer of high quality products. It is this dedication and commitment by the employees of Sioux Manufacturing Corporation that has allowed the company to grow and realize the success it has enjoyed over the years.