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Technical Support

Sioux Manufacturing Corporation (SMC) employs a Quality Management System, which complies with ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000 and is enhanced by a management philosophy of continuous improvement. This approach by SMC’s experienced and efficient technical support staff allows SMC to offer products that are of the highest quality and conform to a customer’s most stringent requirements.

As a testament to the dedication of the employees at SMC, of the current workforce, nearly 40% have been with the company for over 10 years and over 20% have been with SMC 20 years or more. Even more telling is the fact that 40% of the production staff has seven or more years of service to the company.

This vast wealth of knowledge and experience gives SMC the flexibility necessary to meet the challenges and expectations associated with being a producer of high quality products. It is this dedication and commitment by the employees of Sioux Manufacturing Corporation that has allowed the company to grow and realize the success it has enjoyed over the years.

Research & Development

The Research & Development Department conducts both process and product development research and is responsible for devising the initial experimental trials used to determine process parameters for the fabrication of parts that are later introduced into full-scale production or for improvements to existing processes.


With a staff of experienced Manufacturing, Industrial, Mechanical and Chemical engineers, SMC is able to provide design review, prototyping services, and manufacturing for both structural and ballistic composites. A primary function of the engineers at SMC is to coordinate all activities that bring a project from contract award to full-scale production. Beginning with a thorough analysis of the performance requirements, SMC Engineers use an approach to engineering that integrates prevention, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability into the tools and manufacturing processes at the lowest level of assembly, thereby ensuring product quality and allowing for selection of the most cost-effective method of production to best meet our customer’s requirements.

Quality Assurance

SMC has a fully equipped Analytical Laboratory (QA Lab) capable of conducting a variety of tests such as hardness, tension, gas chromatography applications, gel times, extraction, and distillation. Our quality systems include operational procedures and documentation for material handling, material operation, in-process inspection, and final testing. SMC approaches each program with the objective that the products ordered will be delivered as specified and in accordance with the agreed upon schedule. The QA Department assists in meeting this objective by identifying what the customer’s requirements are, establishing prevention oriented work systems that define how the requirements will be met, monitoring the process to see that the work systems remain in control, and examining the products to ensure conformance.