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Administrative Support

Working in conjunction with the technical support staff, the administrative support staff adds another dimension to the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. It is the contributions of Sioux Manufacturing’s employees and their dedication to customer satisfaction that fosters SMC’s reputation as a dependable, on time deliverer of quality products at competitive prices.


Through the use of our Infor Visual Enterprise™ software system SMC’s Accounting Department is able to ensure that management has current and accurate information to aid in the decision-making process, which in turn, allows our customers to receive timely and realistic information.


Contract Administration maintains the communication link between SMC and its customers. Besides finalizing contract terms, they are responsible for identifying contractual requirements, disseminating requirements to internal departments, monitoring and assuring compliance with the terms, and providing reports to the customers of progress against the contracts.

Concerning property administration of customer furnished equipment, SMC has a Government Approved Property Control System, which is compliant with FAR Part 45, subpart 45 and DoD Manual 4161.2-M as well as other related federal regulations and directives.

Configuration Control

The Configuration and Documentation Control System maintains firm control over a customer’s technical drawings and specifications while also ensuring compatibility between a customer’s documentation and SMC’s internal work instructions and shop drawings.