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Cutting Capabilities

Sioux Manufacturing Corporation (SMC) not only has the capability to weave, prepreg, and mold composite panels, but also the ability and expertise necessary to cut complex contoured shapes in the panels utilizing two different processes. SMC accomplishes this with its two Water Jets and Panel Saw, all of which are processor controlled allowing for a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. SMC also has the added ability to cut dry and prepregged composite materials as well as all standard fabrics in single or multiple layers utilizing a Composite Ply Cutter.

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet CuttingOne of SMC's two water jets is an Abrasive Water Jet operating in a 6' x 10' work envelope with two-axis movement and can act as a water jet or an abrasive jet. This water jet is capable of both straight and contour cutting in any direction and can cut virtually any material with a positional accuracy of +/- .003 inch.

SMC's other water jet cutting machine is an Abrasive Water Jet operating in a 5' x 9' work envelope with three-axis movement and utilizes a Dual Cutting Table which allows for simultaneous setup and cutting. It is also capable of cutting virtually any material with a positional accuracy of +/- .010 inch.

Ply Cutter
Both machines are programmable via an on/off-line CAD/CAM system and are utilized to cut a variety of composite materials such as Kevlar®, S-2 Glass®, Graphite, and other more advanced laminates that cannot be machined by more conventional means. These water jets provide the company with the flexibility necessary to meet the various requirements of each customer.

Panel Saw Cutting

Panel Saw CuttingFor basic cutting jobs, SMC employs a Panel Saw to cleanly cut wood, S-2 Glass®, E-Glass Phenolic, and other composite materials in sizes up to 12.5 ft. x 12.5 ft. and 3 inches thick. The CNC controlled machine is capable of holding to ± .007 of an inch on most materials and features fast, simple programming of the clamp equipped programmable fence permitting accurate and repeatable straight cuts. It is equipped with air tables that permit easy material handling even with larger panels.

Composite Ply Cutting

Composite Ply CuttingSMC's composite ply cutting system uses a reciprocating blade that is capable of cutting single or multiple plies up to 1 inch of compressed fabric or composite materials. It has an intelligent conveyor cutting bed with a usable cutting area of 1.8 x 1.7 meters as well as a synchronized unloading conveyor. The computer controlled cutting system utilizes nesting software to optimize material usage by providing the most efficient layout of patterns.



Cutting Molding Weaving and Coating



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